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Matheson’s Contemptible Vote

Jim Matheson – Yellow Bellied faux Democrat – voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.  In doing so, he validated  Darrell Issa’s partisan witch hunt, gave Republicans ammunition to fire against Democrats and worst of all betrayed every voter who voted for him.

More than a 100 house Dems walked out rather than vote.  65 voted against.  17 useless Dems voted in favor.

I’ve always suspected Jim Matheson was spineless and unprincipled but this vote is truly shameful.

Finally, there were the 17 Democratic “aye” votes. What a fine crew that is. Our plague. Yes, yes, they are mostly in reddish districts and more liberal candidates could never get elected there, so we have to put up with them because better they than a Republican, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Even if one agrees that Blue Dogs and their ilk are the price of a Big Tent party, what good are they when they can’t be counted upon to have the backs of fellow Democrats under a rancid assault whose only foundation is raw partisanship?

What good are they if they won’t stand up against even the most extreme efforts of the National Rifle Association? That organization’s grip on gun policy in Arizona and elsewhere lubricates the trafficking of tens of thousands of firearms into Mexico and makes the job of interdicting this lethal flow next to impossible. An organization whose string-pulling and budget-obstructing has frustrated the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives so much that it led to experiments like “Fast and Furious” in the first place.

These 17 Democrats didn’t just suck up to the NRA. They didn’t just turn their backs on colleagues. They provided the GOP the okay to say that even-some-Democrats agree Eric Holder is involved in a cover-up of a program that led to the death of a brave U.S. Border Patrol agent. By unspoken implication, of course, Obama is also involved. Providing Republicans with that kind of campaign ammo goes waaaay beyond any apologies that can be made for trying to make oneself a viable incumbent Democrat in a reddish district. Being that kind of turncoat screws other Democrats by helping to mobilize the nut-jobs to turn out in greater numbers at the polls.

Despicable, pathetic, myopic.

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