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Beau Babka: Dude, What’s Up? (updated)

In 2004, Beau Babka ran for Congress for the Democratic party and I was volunteering for Paul Van Dam’s Senate campaign and they had some events together, so while I wouldn’t say he and I are friends, I got to see him in some unscripted moments and hear him talk with voters.  He’s far from stupid.  So I find the legal predicament in which himself dismaying.

Sim Gill says he’s got the evidence to back up the charges.  If I’m reading the news correctly, Babka isn’t disputing that charges.  But I have to ask myself – what the hell was he thinking?  I thought he was smarter than using a city credit card for personal purchases.  (IIRC, I read he made 57 purchases in 30 days).  He’s clearly behaved badly.

Seriously, Beau Babka:  Dude, what’s up?

Correction:  I found the article I was thinking about with regard to the number of purchases; according to the article, an audit found he made 27 purchases totally $886 from Nov 11 to Dec 29, 2010.  In some cases, there would be two purchases of gas 20 minutes apart indicating he filled up one car, then another.


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