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What Ails Us at Christmas Time?

Christmas is fast approaching and I am pleased to say my shopping is done and courtesy of several online retailers I have successfully avoided the stores.

Truth be told I get morose around the holidays.  Christmas seems to me to be neither a convincing religious holiday nor a pleasurable secular one and the societal “script” feels as if we’re supposed to be happy even if happy is the last thing we feel like being.  Between the conservative Christians whining that there’s a war on Christmas and that people are trying to prevent them from enjoying their religious festivities and the relentless drumbeat of corporate America trying to convince the rest of us we should bankrupt ourselves in a quest to buy the perfect present, the season seems more dreary than joyous. Read the rest of this entry »

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This I Don’t Believe

Part whev in a series.

Things I don’t believe….

That if a nine year old girl is raped, and impregnated with twins, that abortion is a sin.  Which means that the Roman Catholic Church and I disagree on something.  Else.

Unlike the catholic church, I don’t believe that forcing an 80 pound rape victim to carry twins to term, which would almost certainly kill all three children, is the “good thing to do.”

I don’t believe that the doctors, mother, or anyone else should be excommunicated based on the fact that they have actual morals, and the church doesn’t.

But mostly I don’t believe that the rapist is being let off the hook.  Oh what he did is a sin (and since this is the roman catholic church, you never know, home for pedophilia as it is) but not as serious as the sin of saving the girls life. Or so it seems, since he is not being excommunicated.

Mostly what I don’t believe is that there are people who look at this church as if it has anything useful to say about morality.



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