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John McCain Criminally Stupid. Jason Chaffetz Over the Top

Just when you think the McCain campaign couldn’t get more incompetence than piteous Palin prank, some plurality of criminally stupid McCain advisers let him skewer himself on SNL tonight.

Is this the same genetic defect that will probably elect Jason Chaffetz in the second congressional district.? There are even a few enlightened conservatives freaking on this xenophobic Nazi.

The real reason for my diary today is to alert the liberals to an article that came out today (Friday) in the Deseret News, my hometown (Provo) newspaper entitled Hubbub over tent-city idea irritates Chaffetz.

The Japanese American Citizens League has now joined the fray and has criticized Chaffetz for his policy position of imprisoning illegal immigrants into tent cities. This is incredibly embarrassing for us in Happy Valley, but of course, our collective embarrassment is nothing compared to the humiliation of those aliens who may be incarcerated should Chaffetz have his way. My friends and family all agree that as badly as we would rather not be represented by a Democrat, Jason Chaffetz is much, much worse.

If Chaffetz goes to Washington he will be, believe it or not, the MOST reactionary bigoted right-winger in the entire place. Against the most liberal congress in memory, this guy will be completely shut out.

I won’t be surprised if Obama declares the foothills of Utah County a National Park and boots everyone.

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