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The Modern Conservative Movement Has Become a Racket. Republican Voters Must Be Sanctioned.

When Frank Rich agrees with Bill Kristol, you KNOW there HAS TO BE some substantive truth telling going on.

In the most recent issue of the The Weekly Standard, conservative standard setter Bill Kristol, says about the GOP, “One is reminded of Eric Hoffer’s remark, “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” It may be that major parts of American conservatism have become such a racket…”

This discussion encapsulates what I believe with be the most common thesis of the post-game analysis of what happened to the GOP in the decades to come. The 2012 campaign saw a GOP not only surrender all standards for decency and honesty but they eventually fell in line and applauded blatant deliberate deception.

Mitt Romney’s campaign is best described in simple terms as a string of lies. The hypocrisy required by the average republican to support Romney’s candidacy in spite of the blatant, unabashed deception at the expense of ANY vestige of the concept of truth, demands one consider that today’s Republican voter is so devoid of integrity that some sort of sanction is appropriate.

What good can possibly come from the further participation of Republicans in the good governance of this great democracy? It is time to disenfranchise Republican party members.

I think it is time to take away their guns and pack them off to the FEMA detention camps Obama is building all over the country.



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