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Fox News Training Ground for Child Pornographers

Rupert Murdock is no idiot. He knows well how profitable the child porn business is. It has been his back up plan all along. Naturally, Bill O’Reilly was to be the face of his child porn empire until he went and blew it with the falufa episode whose victim was unfortunately not a minor.

That’s why Murdock hired Glenn Beck.  With a baby face like that and the maturity level of an eight-year-old, Glenn Beck is not only the perfect poster boy for a successful child porn brand, he brings via his fan base, a built in audience.

The Fox News Producer/Child Pornographer mentioned below, is only the most recent among I believe, several dozen former Fox News employees convicted of lewd sex acts or some sort of sex crime.

A federal judge has sentenced a former Fox News Channel producer to 10 years in prison for possession of child pornography.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says Aaron Bruns was sentenced Tuesday in U.S. District Court. Prosecutors had recommended the 10-year term, citing Bruns’ prior conviction on similar charges. Source

Did I mention Glenn Beck should swing from a low branch for crimes against humanity?

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Bill O’Reilly Sexual Predator Archive

This story began to unfold in 2003.  There was a pretty well-executed media blackout and blogs weren’t real big yet.

So I thought I would re-post it for the 1U archive.  Fox News Producer, Andrea Mackris, sued Bill O’Reilly for stalking and sexually molesting and harrasing her.

Bill O'Reilly Phone Sex With Andrea MackrisI’ll never forget it. She tried initially to keep it under the radar. But when Bill lashed out at her publicly, she produced a couple of recorded phone calls during which Bill masterbates while describing what he would do to her.

He settled for an estimated $6 million.

Above is an excert from ONE of the recordings. As I recall, Bill initially challenged her to produce proof. She did. He settled.

Here are links to others (in the wuote below).

Based on the extensive quotations cited in the complaint, it appears a safe bet that Mackris, 33, recorded some of O’Reilly’s more steamy soliloquies. For example, we direct you to his Caribbean shower fantasies. While we suggest reading the entire document, TSG will point you to interesting sections on a Thailand sex show, Al Franken, and the climax of one August 2004 phone conversation.

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Why does Bill O’Reilly hate Jesus?

It’s true. Bill O’Reilly has joined the War on Christmas. He has published his “Holiday” Quiz (horrors!) in Parade magazine as a contest in which the winner will receive his new book.

I took the quiz. One answer I found interesting: “Puritan leaders in [state] fined anyone caught celebrating the holiday because they considered it to be an a ‘dishonor to God.’ Puritans considered Christmas to be a pagan holiday.” Hear that, Senator Buttars?

Here’s the link if you want to take the quiz. Caution, it is very long and tiresome. I scored “Not Bad”. I don’t remember any questions about Jesus.

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