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Mark Sanford’s Disappearing Act

So Mark Sanford, governor of South Carolina, kind of . . . um, you know disappeared for a few days. He has apparently been found and will return to work tomorrow. The story goes something like this:

As of sometime this weekend, the media began picking up the news that Sanford hadn’t been heard from since Thursday of last week. Literally, no one had seen or spoken to him, his staff didn’t know where he was, his wife apparently didn’t know where he was. He was just gone.

The Lt. Governor called Sanford’s office at one point and was told no one there knew where he was.

I read this morning that Sanford will return to work tomorrow. He has been hiking Appalachian trail.

Of course I will reserve judgment on the accuracy of that until Sanford returns to work.

I get the impulse to want to just disappear for a few days. I’ve been known to take a weekend out of town without telling anyone where I’m going. Sometimes you just want to disappear. My grandmother – when she was in her fifties – ran away from home and never went back. She lived on the beach in Galveston (not homeless, she had a house but she was done with her old life and started a new one). I get the impulse to do that , to just vanish, to run away from your life. To not only get away from your life, but who you are in that life. As an adult, you have a right to just go missing.

Sanford isn’t a regular person like me. He doesn’t have a regular job. What makes it difficult is that you can’t just vanish when you are governor of a state. I don’t know what he’s been doing for the last few days – he probably was hiking the Appalachian Trail. If he’s been breaking the law or shacking up in a whorehouse we might have some discussion but you know, sometimes you gotta get away.


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