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Introducing Brigham aka (Briggy)

I’d like to introduce Brigham, a new OneUtah author. Brigham represents our first exception to the rule about transparency — due to special circumstances — and the rule about living in Utah, which relates to the reason for breaking the first rule.

I found Brigham commenting on Mormon Feminist Housewives and followed him to his blog where upon I was immediately struck… I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Anyway, I though his writing deserved thoroughly Utah readership.

Asked how I should introduce him (after he accepted), he wrote back;

I’m in my 20’s, a student, a parent and an internet addict. I survived one term at BYU in which I went from naive to hanging out with the campus Democrats, from an Ayn Randian to a communist, and endured tunnel singing, anime obsessed floor mates and the sweet, sweet embrace of Late Summer Honors classmates. I have family in Sandy and I’m related to several of the Utah royal families, yeah verily even the most Royal of them all, Brigham Young.

Welcome Brigham!




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