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KNRS Fires Utah’s Top Conservative Voice

Bob Lonsberry, Tim Bridgewater, Mike Lee, KNRSKNRS 105.7FM has fired Bob Lonsberry, arguably the most influential conservative talker in Utah radio. The reason given is KNRS claims his ratings had slipped after they switched to a different rating system and changing from AM to FM. This excuse is preposterous since Bob Lonsberry has been extremely popular and very influential in Utah Politics which is most likely the cause of his forced exit from KNRS.

Bob Lonsberry is very influential and played a roll in the undoing of Senator Bob Bennett at the Utah Republican Convention. Lonsberry was very vocal in his opposition to the three term Senator and has sent shock waves through the Utah and National Republican establishment.  Lonsberry’s firing is the establishment’s backlash against what they see as an assault to their power.

The other contributing factor that may have led to KNRS dumping Bob Lonsberry is the fact that he endorsed Tim Bridgewater against Mike Lee. Bridgrwater has suspended all advertising from KNRS in response to the Lonsberry firing. Energy Solutions is backing Mike Lee’s Senate campaign and also happens to be one of KNRS’ main sponsors. Could their be a connection? I certainly hope not but if so it could spell trouble for Mike Lee among conservatives who listened to Bob Lonsberry, which are many. Just ask Bob Bennett.

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BREAKING: AG Shurtleff Inadvertently Announces Candidacy on Twitter

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff inadvertently confirmed on Twitter this afternoon that he’s running against Senator Bob Bennett in 2010.

Apparently thinking that he was sending a private text message, Shurtleff posted that he would be making an official announcement soon, and that he could raise significant amounts of money in Utah, California, New York, Arizona and Texas.

He added, “time to rock and roll!”

The postings were later removed, but here’s a screen capture of what his page looked like before.



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