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Limitations of “School Choice”

Solving the problems facing public school systems is oddly complex.  The vast majority of public schools perform well; some of them perform exceedingly well; a minority of schools consistently underperform – chances are good if you are poor, black or latino you attend one of those schools.  The notion of “school choice” originated with Milton Friedman and has found favor among a wide array of people, but most especially social conservatives who seek to move resources out of public school systems and into private schools.  These same social conservatives tout the benefits of private schools as if they are the solution for troubled public schools – often acting as if the public school system is beyond repair, ignoring its successes while deliberately inflating the viability of voucher programs.

In response, many public school systems have created school choice programs within cities or districts (Salt Lake School District has a “choice” program).  Read the rest of this entry »

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