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Trapped in a Mormon Gulag

This is the hottest story on DailyKos today.  Its about the West Ridge Academy (a.k.a. Boys Ranch) in West Jordan, Utah.

Go there and read it, especially the comments.  The average person cannot believe this nightmare is happening today.  Is it?  Knowing Chris Buttars…

Trapped in a Mormon Gulag

by Chino Blanco Mon Jan 05, 2009 at 05:07:42 AM PST

By Eric Norwood
Republished with author’s permission
Further info at Mormon Gulag

This story is about Eric Norwood’s personal experiences at a place called The Utah Boys Ranch, which models itself as a “tough-love” prep-school, but while Eric was there, he witnessed some unbelievable atrocities. It is a Mormon-funded and staffed facility, and religious indoctrination is a fundamental aspect of the school. There was sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, suicide, staff corruption, and escape. A major Utah political figure, Senator Chris Buttars, was the executive director while Eric was there.

This is Eric’s story:

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