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Maverick Utahn Trying to Stop Republican Bleeding

It’s true, the GOP’s little tent is shrinking and Utah’s ONLY Republican Maverick Mike Ridgway is trying to save it.

Already limited to White men (predominantly pink like Carl Wimmer actually), their obedient wives and the occasional token ‘other,’  the lil’ tent continues to shrink in the awful heat.
As with any cult, the biggest threat always comes from competing cults; Libertarian, Constitution, Tea People what have you. Mike’s idea is:

“instant runoff voting” system that…could prevent third-party candidates from “spoiling” elections. If no candidate receives a majority, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated. Voters who had supported that eliminated candidate would then have their “second-choice” votes given to remaining candidates to help one of them achieve a majority. (SL Trib)

Mr. Ridgway offers the following example:


Senate candidates who lost to Democrats

Showing those Republican Senate candidates who lost to Democrats in races where the Democratic candidate got less than a majority of the vote."


Just like Michele Bachmann and Carl Wimmer, Mike Ridgway simply doesn’t get it.  The members (voters) for the spoiler (3rd party) cults hate the Republican cult SO MUCH, they would vote for Democrat second and eat glass before EVER voting for the traitor.

Go Brandon ‘Pretty Boy’ Beckham!  You keep that cult in line.

Actually, I can’t figure out if Brandon Beckham is trying to keep the main cult in line, or starting his own.  If anyone who hasn’t been blocked from him on Facebook knows, please let me know.

PS: Mike Ridgway has agreed to become a OneUtah author.


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