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Apologetics 101 By Billy (Bubba) Bob

If I made up an example like this to illustrate how the Bush Lovers use equivocation to apologize (escape blame) for supporting Bush…no one would believe me. Enter our newbie, Bob S.

We need to get a common dictionary, because I dont agree that I was an apologist for the Bush administration.

In all things, I try to be fair. I see name calling and accusations without proof. I said the same things when Clinton was president. Both people have done enough that can be proven. Baseless accusations of stolen elections are a pet peeve of mine. Neither side is blameless in voter fraud, but I have yet to see proof that the fraud rose to the level of a conspiracy.

Can you identify the apologetic arguments?

The first one is a dead give away. Just invoke Clinton. “Both people have done enough that can be proven..”

Here’s the logic.
Clinton = Lie
Bush = Lie
Ergo: Bush = Clinton

Reinforced by: “Neither side is blameless

Thats the same defense medieval societies use to exonerate Billy Bob whenever her rapes his sister. I suppose thats bullet-proof logic (if ya live in a one-text-book household with a framed diploma above the sofa).

It works so well in some societies, women have to cover themselves from head to toe. Can anyone name a country where they do that?

The second one is


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