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Racist Glenn Beck Drones Get Violent: Poisoning The Minds of Intellectually Vulnerable Americans

Racist Glenn Beck Poisoning Minds of Intellectually Vulnerable Americans

Racist Glenn Beck Poisoning Minds of Intellectually Vulnerable Americans

I have long claimed that what Glenn Beck does, amounts to treason, not because I disagree with his ratings-grabbing opinions, but rather he poisons the minds of millions of intellectually vulnerable people.

On his Monday radio show, Glenn Beck highlighted claims that before he started targeting a little-known, left-leaning organization called the Tides Foundation on his Fox News TV show, “nobody knew” what the non-profit was.  Read the full Media Matters column Beck’s incendiary angst is dangerously close to having a body count, here.

And that violent stupidity continued through this summer when a dedicated Glenn Beck fan from southern California by the name of Byron Williams strapped on his body armor, loaded up his mother’s pick-up truck with ammo and set off on the highway for San Francisco in hopes of killing liberals in order to ignite a political revolution. Read Glenn Beck’s Audience Already Has Done “Something Stupid

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just about violence.  What if I told you there are clusters of these people who circle up to test out various defenses for Glenn Beck’s latest rating-calculted pronouncment.

For example: Here is a Facebook discussion called “IS THE FORCLOSURE FREEZE THE NEXT STEP?” in which Beckians are testing out arguments for why the freezing foreclosures are part of the liberal conspiracy to take over the country.

This involves ideas such as Wall Street Bankers are liberals and that they are in collusion with the the Feds to take over “everything,” whatever that means.

Tex Cruikshank

We have touched on. It will only grow!

This could be the final straw.

…If they went to Iowa and attacked corn, Iowans would fight back. Go to the Gulf Coast and ban drilling and they will raise a ruckus! Go to NY and attack the engine of their economy. Nary a sound. They are all progressives. The people and the banker!! It’s weird. The BIG NY banks will be bailed out(to big to fail). It’s the smaller community banks serving main street that will be wiped out. The NY bankers might end up taking over everything with the Fed. Their the other footsoldiers!

In so many ways, Progressives have already won. We are already too connected to the New World Order. I hate it!!

I’ve been paying attention. You are right that so many of these Wall Street firms are actually being run by LIBERALS. It became obvious when so many of them came out in support of the stimulus package. It wasn’t that they had the opinion that we NEEDED the stimulous, but how they went about supporting this Administration.

Here’s a fun scientific experiment. Go there and make case against something Beck has said. If they attack you personally, this is evidence of tribalism. Interestingly, they rarely defend Glenn Beck at all, but instead, defend themselves as if defending faith.



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