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Calif. Supreme Court decision: Prop. 8 is upheld

The California Supreme Court has issued its decision on Prop 8. The proposition has been upheld, but existing gay marriages will stand. I’ll update when more details are available. It’s impossible to connect to the court’s website right now.

UPDATE: It appears that the court has determined that Prop 8 is not a ‘revision’ to the California constitution, but simply an amendment. Read the rest of this entry »

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Save The Utah Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for Loving Mormon Families

It would be a good political move too.

The ACLU, along with others, filed a lawsuit in the California Supreme Court that will crush Prop. 8 and once and for all shut down the hateful social engineering that has so embarrassed loving Mormons.  (complaint here)

The press release reminds everyone that California Attorney General Jerry Brown honor the marriages of same-sex couples and insure it is SHUT DOWN.

Brown’s position is significant because his office will represent the state in lawsuits over Prop. 8’s validity and meaning…

If only our own Attorney Jr. had such a backbone.

If the Utah Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is really about Jesus, LOVE, and salvation, there is another book which guarantees salvation.

Good Utah Mormons should take to the streets and the approximately 10% (higher in Utah) of the temple worthy should deposit their temple recommends at the gate of Temple Square until Monson can revisit this issue with God.

The difference between civil unions and marriage.
Wikipedia entry on the Court challenge to Nazi proposition 8

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