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Rocky Anderson Seeking Justice Party Nomination for President

So Rocky has announced a run for president. And in predictable fashion, the Salt Lake Tribune has fed the fly fodder to its anti-Rocky fans. Pathetic. Rocky was a widely popular 2 term mayor of Salt Lake City and remains a widely popular former mayor.

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Rocky addressed the subject of the Occupy movement to reporters.


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A Positive Message for America – A Blueprint for Change

Tonight Barack Obama spent 30 minutes on television to tell us what we can expect when he is elected. His message tonight was not about McCain or Palin, nor about any of the distractions that amount to not much more than static. His message tonight was about us. About jobs, health care, taxes, economy, education, energy, security, the things that affect each and every one of us. Not platitudes, but real, specific ideas and goals. He promised to listen to us even if we disagree. He promised to be honest with us.

He made his point eloquently. He looked and sounded presidential. He didn’t slam anyone, and he is clearly determined to bring our divided country together.

Well done!

Go here to download the Obama-Biden plan for America “Blueprint for Change”.



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