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Book Review: Republican Gomorrah

Max Blumenthal’s Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement that Shattered the Party is a hit and miss book – Blumenthal shrewdly documents the carnival of personal dysfunction that defines so many leading figures on the American Right, offering a broad analysis drawn from Erich Fromm’s Escape From Freedom.

The authoritarian nature of America’s right wing movement has been documented by many writers and observers. Blumenthal offers an explanation, from Erich Fromm:

When radical extremists sought to cleanse society of sin and evil, what they really desired was the cleansing of their souls.

He described how submission to the authority of a higher power to escape the complexities of personal freedom would lead not to order and harmony but ultimately to destructiveness.

He points out that this escape from freedom, this dynamic of submitting one’s self to a higher authority has become the bond that holds the America’s right together. The centerpiece of this authoritarian, right wing culture, its beating heart if you will, is James Dobson and his organization Focus on the Family (or as its known among gay folks “Focus on the Anus” – or generally among its critics ” Focus on your damn family.”). Dobson is a notorious yenta, sticking his stern disapproving nose into everyone’s business. FoF is a right wing behemoth, dolling out equal parts strict father parenting advice and political patronage. Dobson is the right’s king maker, able to move millions with his opinions. Dobson’s training is as a child psychologist, author of an infamous child-rearing manual entitled Dare to Discipline which advocates beating children into submission – well into their teenage years. Dobson’s book stands in stark contrast with most modern child-rearing literature which does not advocate beating children. Read the rest of this entry »



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