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A Case for The Elimination of Food Stamps. Charities Can Feed The Poor Without Government Help.

Children are starving in the U.S.As funny as it is informative.

Forbes Magazine guy makes the case that charities can feed the poor without gov’t help.

This is just another Christian – Tea Party – Libertarian meme of course.

But I’ve never heard it expresses with such certainty and seriousness. Forbes has finally jumped the shark with this clown.




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Critique of Timothy J. Daily Article: “Homosexual Parenting: Placing Children at Risk”

Introducing guest Blogger Diana Black Kennedy (another exception to the ever loosening OneUtah editorial policy).

Follows is Ms. Kennedy’s response to an article written by Dr. Timothy J. Dailey is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Marriage and Family Studies of Family Research Council in which Dr. Dailey attempts to dismiss the “conclusion… echoed in the official statement on homosexual parenting by the American Psychological Association’s Public Interest Directorate, “that children raised in gay and lesbian households fare no worse than those reared in traditional families.”

Diana Kennedy writes:

Specializing in issues threatening the institutions of marriage and the family

Dr. Timothy J. Dailey: Specializing in issues threatening the institutions of marriage and the family (from the perspective of a Bible Thumper)

I have a friend on Facebook with whom I often debate politics. I am the self-described flaming liberal and he is the Mormon libertarian. We have some great debates—always respectful, and always challenging. Recently, during a discussion of the recent Prop 8 ruling, he posted an article by Timothy J. Dailey Ph.D., called Homosexual Parenting: Placing children at risk. This is my critique.

1) Daily spends a lot of time pointing out methodological problems in the pro-equality literature and then totally abandons those strictures in his citing of anti-gay literature.

“Thus, all generalizations must be viewed with caution. . . . Because all uncorroborated self-report data are subject to biases, and because parents may deliberately or unconsciously minimize the extent of conflicts with their children, these findings cannot be accepted at face value.24”

However, when discussing anti-gay literature, he writes: “A survey conducted by the homosexual magazine Genre found that 24 percent of the respondents said they had had more than 100 sexual partners in their lifetime. The magazine noted that several respondents suggested including a category of those who had more than 1,000 sexual partners.31”

Could not the same presentation bias have something to do with over-estimating the number of partners gays have had in their lifetime? Talk to any 22 year old frat boy, gay or straight, (outside BYU, of course) and I think you’d see a similar presentation bias.

Also, in the “comparison with heterosexual couples” section, he offers no direct comparison. He goes from studies of homosexual couples who have been together 1-37 years to look at monogamy, and then compares that stat with heterosexual couples in marriage. I bet if you included hetero couples living together before marriage, the comparison number would be almost identical.

Again, in the comparisons section, he says, ” In Sex in America, called by the New York Times “the most important study of American sexual behavior since the Kinsey reports,” Robert T. Michael et al. report that 90 percent of wives and 75 percent of husbands claim never to have had extramarital sex.36″ Oy. Talk about presentation bias! Someone calls you on the phone and asks if you have been faithful to you spouse–well, you don’t think people may want to present themselves as better than they are? Read the rest of this entry »

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