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Updated: Politics + Religion = Terrorism

Update: I changed “Skinny greasy white guy” to “Fat and greasy white guy” to better balance the options. I just thought maybe the women in Okelberries life might prefer a fat guy to a skinny white guy to make their reproductive health decisions for them.

Commenter Don makes an interesting point about a claim (someone made on this blog) that strict views against choice are mainstream. He points to the following Quinnipiac poll:

“Do you think abortion should be legal in all cases, legal in most cases, illegal in most cases or illegal in all cases?”

Always Legal – 19%
Usually Legal – 38%
Usually Illegal – 24%
Always Illegal – 14%
Unsure – 5%

Don says:

If we add the categories “Usually Illegal” and “Always Illegal” together then maybe saying your view is “extreme” was a bit much. But you certainly aren’t in the mainstream. Check out the rest of the polls for further proof of that point.

At BEST, the anti-choice crowd is 38%, hardly the majority the religious-right propaganda machine claims.

I submit, that if you asked the question differently–more honestly–you would find that the ONLY Americans that want to make abortion illegal are:

a. Religious freaks who aren’t getting any.
b. Religious freaks with young children who know they won’t be getting much more from Mother.
c. Fat greasy white men who have no respect for women

So I wrote a response that not only cracked me up, but also makes an important point.

Here are some questions that 86% percent of Americans answer in favor of a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health.

Do you think state office holders should restrict your right to make personal family planning decisions in all cases, in most cases, some case or no case?

Here’s another question:

If your pregnant wife found herself in the ICU with complications of her pregnancy at 6 months, which group of white guys should be the final arbiters of the decision to abort the pregnancy or not?

Circle all that apply:

1. Fat white guy
2. Skinny white guy
3. Judge and part time preacher guy
4. Greasy but not fat white guy
5. Fat and greasy white guy
6. All of the above.

Hey this is FUN! One more:

The US government has decided abortion is illegal after one month, except in the case of rape, maybe.

Your 17-year old daughter gang rapped by 5 guys. – a Mexican, an Irishman, a Jew, a midget, and a fat greasy white man. She hopes and prays she’s not pregnant. But she is too afraid to talk about the rape because one of the guys has threatened to kill her little brother if she tells…and she really like the Jew boy anyway.

She stays silent until it too late and now she is pregnant. You are her Dad and she tells you.

Which option do you choose:

Make her have the baby?
1. Go to the police report the rape. Then go to a judge to ask for a rape exemption and hope it doesn’t take 90 days to have a trial and make sure she’s telling the truth?
2. Make her marry the Jew even if the midget sperm won?
3. Do a DNA test to make sure the father isn’t the Irishman?
4. Disown her?
5. Kill her?

Here’s one of the things that will happen all the time if we outlaw abortion:

Wife and husband are estranged (not sleeping together). This is VERY common in real life. Wife has an affair – gets pregnant. Thanks to you, abortion is illegal except in the case of rape.

Wife is DESPERATE to not get caught, so she accuses her annoying neighbor, poor innocent Richard Okelberry of raping her so she can get an abortion.

That night, she changes her mind and goes over to apologize to Richard and finds him in a pool of blood and this note.

Die Asshole,

You’ve raped your last victim.

RIP, Bob S. – 2nd Amendment Guy

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