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We Did It! (Raised $10,000 for ActBlue – Utah) Thank You Todd Taylor


From MyDD – We know that we can get there — Annatopia and Texas bloggers put us over the top to launch their state, and Cliff Lyon in Utah has been a one-man force of nature, raising funds and getting state legislators involved in making the pitch as well.

I am pleased to report that we reached our $10,000 goal this morning when a hat was passed around at Democratic State Party campaign training. We should be proud to hold the distinction of being the first and only state in the Union to have reached our target through grassroots fundraising. All of the other 8 states recently activated on ActBlue, received the bulk of their funds from a national PAC. Read more about it here.

It all began with this post followed by an e-mail to about forty friends and pleas here and on,, and eventually from the State Democratic Party. The biggest THANKS goes to Utah State House Minority Leader Ralph Becker and Utah State Party Executive Director Todd Taylor who personally donated $1670.

Originally published May 8, 2006: We raised $1276 during this weekend experiment in small dollar donations $620 for ActBlue-Utah. Of the 44 people who donated, 14 were from out of state. The total cost of this fundraiser was ZERO.

What does this mean? Online fundraising works. But we already knew that. Howard Dean proved that by raising 42 million dollars over the Internet in 2002 in $25 donations.

With ActBlue, every state level candidate will be able to fully utilize Internet technology to provide a simple, secure, and convenient way for supporters to donate directly to their campaign not just for the 2006 races, but year round and forever.

Another very powerful feature of ActBlue allows anyone to create a fundraising page for their favorite candidates like I did here, and to place a donate button in every e-mail, and ANY website. All money raised goes directly to the candidate monthly with all the reporting required by campaign finance laws.

Why am I doing this? Firstly, it’s too obvious. It is simply, by any objective measure, the most effective way to raise money. I’ve raised money through house parties for candidates. This is easier. If you invite 100 people to a house party, 25 might come, but the ones who don’t would donate if it were too easy.

Secondly, good governance requires a government for the people and by the people. Today, 60-85% of campaign funds come from institutional contributors. The only way to change that is to create an easy way for us couch potatoes to upset that balance.

Why don’t the republicans use this method? Read the rest of this entry »

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