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Did Mitt Romney’s Religion Doom His Candidacy?

Did Romney lose the Republican primary because he is LDS?

I argued in an earlier post;

Romney was rejected for being a pompous, lying, flip-flopper. He changed lanes more than a NASCAR race. He promoted himself as the meanest of warmongers…”Double the size of Gitmo”?

Now, I’m having second thoughts. Consider that Republicans more today than ever, seem unconcerned with liars. After all, the re-elected one, and then tried to elect several more.

So I will concede Ken’s conclusion;

I saw how many of them, especially those that supported Mike Huckleberry simply because they did not want to see a Mormon be nominated. It was their hatred that handed John McCain the nomination

So what does it say about Republicans that they won’t elect a Mormon, but Democrats elected a BLACK MAN?

There is but one conclusion; The Republican Party is a tool of the intolerant, pathetic, frightened, racist, bigoted Christian Right.

The Republican Party is the party of economic collapse, unlimited government, lost and illegal wars, torture, unprecedented national debt, closeted homosexuals, and corrupt, sex-obsessed homophobes.

Oh yea, and ‘family values’ and ‘rugged individualism’ (except when it comes to Corporations).

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