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Slaying the Slime. Death by Blogosphere: A Day in The Life

Update: “(CNN) — Bail was set at $50,000 Friday night for a GOP campaign worker who made up a story about being attacked by a man angered by a John McCain bumper sticker on her car.”

I’ve decided to try to write more commentary that documents the role of The Internets in destroying the right-wing slime machine and the pond scum that help smear it.  Not only is it an important anthropological learning opportunity, but OneUtah is an especially fermented petridish of case studies.

Thanks to our unusually high number of prolific propaganda agents (slime spreaders) OneUtah has long been on the bleeding edge of breaking slime.

Todays episode brought to us by one of our beloved ‘smearing agents’ (lets call him Bob to out of respect for his anonymity) Bob wrote about a Texas woman named Ashley Todd who claimed she was robbed then beaten when the attacker discovered she was a McCain supporter.  Today, she is claiming she was also sexually assaulted.

This one is so ridiculous, our favorite Lime Queen Michelle Malkin was the first to throw her fellow College Republican, Ashley Todd under the bus as a sort of ‘gimme’ to her critics, since she too is headed the way of most Internet slimers (oblivion).

So within  3 minutes of the stories break by a news station (4:03pm EDT) , Our ‘Bob’ posts it on OneUtah (2:06pm MDT)., and by the next morning we learn that she is just an earnest young Republican who got creative in the bathroom and painted a ‘B’ on her face (forgetting that the mirror reverses things) and that she was Twittering about it the whole time.

Another ‘Day in The Life of Slaying the Slime. Death by Blogosphere.


Update II:

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