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“a super-heated spike on top of a decades-long warming trend”

More details on the now monster Waldo Canyon Fire.  Via Facebook and email, I hear friends and family in the area are okay though shaken up.

Rocky Mountain Conference UCC is gathering at Vista Grande UCC near Colorado Springs today at 1.



Colorado Aflame

My Facebook newsfeed has been buzzing for days now with updates from friends and family in Colorado about the fires. It seems as if the entire state of Colorado is burning. The Waldo Canyon fire, near Colorado Springs, is the highest priority fire in the US. It has destroyed homes and is frighteningly close to the city. At one point, there were 15 active fires in Colorado. One was a brush fire near the town of Brush. Another friend described driving the other as “driving through Mordor.” The images of the Waldo Canyon fire are chilling – a wall of smoke rising near the city of Colorado Springs.

And it’s staying hot and dry and windy. Let’s hope there’s something left of Colorado come winter.


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