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We need competence

Robert Reich – with many years experience in DC – offers interesting insights over at his place.

I like this post:

Obama’s immediate challenge is to fill the leadership vacuum created by a lame-duck president with historically-low approval ratings who seems to have lost interest in his job (at this writing, he’s out of the country) and who’s disappeared from the media, and a Treasury chief who has all but punted on coming up with any workable solution to the crisis. But Obama doesn’t become president until 12 noon eastern standard time on January 20 — and the national economy is imploding right now.

Reich describes Obama’s nominees in terms that I find oddly comforting:

All are pragmatists. Some media have dubbed them “centrists” or “center-right,” but in truth they’re remarkably free of ideological preconception. All have well-earned reputations as hard workers, well-versed in the technical details of public and private finance. They are not visible veterans of the old battles over supply-side economics or deficit reduction, nor are they well-known to the public. They are not visionaries but we don’t need visionaries when the economic perils are clear and immediate. We need competence. Obama could not appoint a more competent group.

I know it sounds modest, but after the last years, simple competence from our government is a major victory, a huge transformation. For years now, the progressive blogosphere has described itself as “reality based” – Atrios has a running joke about reality having a liberal bias. Simple, competent, pragmatism is going to be a good thing.



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