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They’re not crazy, they’re not stupid and Barack Obama is a citizen

The stark raving crazies at Whackadoodlenewsdaily wingnutdaily WorldNetDaily are still tub thumping on about the allegations that Barack Obama isn’t actually, you know, a natural born citizen and therefore not eligible for the Presidency. The inconvenient facts of his birth certificate, of an announcement in the daily newspaper in Honolulu and assertions by the state of Hawaii that in fact he was born there and is a US citizen are either (a) part of a grand and brilliant conspiracy starting before he was born to get him elected president so he could sell us out to the Islamic world, which is his secret allegiance, (b) part of a grand, decades old conspiracy to allow him and his militant black pastor to take over America and do horrible things to white people (c) the ravings of people so unhinged they actually believe Bill Clinton had people murdered in the basement of the White House.

The idea that Obama isn’t a natural born citizen doesn’t pass the straight face test. Read the rest of this entry »


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