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What exactly do parents think will happen if their kids hear President Obama speak?

What that he’ll use his superpowers to turn them into . . . what? Voters? We are surrounded by people so stupid it scares me to drive on our streets. And apparently a bunch of bed-wetting cowardly pantywaists are running our schools.

School districts across Northern Utah are taking precautions ahead of a speech from President Obama to students next Tuesday.

Some parents are concerned what will be said may be offensive or too liberal for their children – and are even vowing to keep their kids away.

Salt Lake City School District is advising schools to have teachers notify parents if they plan on airing the address in class, and then allowing an opt-out. [snip]

While acknowledging the historic nature of the address, a spokesperson says Jordan School District is advising teachers that the address must tie into the curriculum if they are going to allow students to watch it. [snip]

The Davis School District is sending out letters to parents, warning them about the address. Alpine, Nebo and Uintah are among the other school districts mulling options or putting into place guidelines ahead of the speech

Seriously, there’s a whole bunch of people who need to get the hell over this and get a freaking life. He’s going to deliver some anodyne message about studying hard and doing well in school and planning for the future. Even if it weren’t, does anything really think the students are going to emerge from school that day carrying little red books of Mao’s quotations and leading a revolution against the capitalist running dogs?


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