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Updated: Wall Street Protest Live!

Tell anyone you know within range of New York City to GET DOWN THERE!

Live Stream: Protesters Occupy Wall Street

Over a thousand protesters began occupying Wall Street on Saturday in response to what they call “the economic occupation” of big banks and moneyed interests. The protesters, part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, plan to engage in a long-term civil disobedience.

Funny.  I dont see any Tea Baggers.  I guess the Koch Bros aren’t paying for this excursion.

Update 5pm, 9.19.2011 – CBS is the first of the MSM to report on this.

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Obama’s Justice Dept Flooded Mexico with Weapons in “OPERATION GUNRUNNER”. Scandal Ready to Explode.

The Department of Justice under Eric Holder and the ATF flooded Mexico with assault weapons in a secret project called “Operation Gunrunner” as well as an offshoot operation called “Fast and Furious“. This program was an ill fated attempt to track the weapons but they got out of control and fell into the hands of drug cartels. Many of these weapons are now being used against border control and anti drug agents. This scandal will go full broil when the Dept of Justice explains themselves in upcoming Congressional hearings. DOJ AND ATF HAVE KNOWINGLY FLOODED MEXICO WITH ASSAULT WEAPONS. It is also reported that Eric Holder is attempting to block the investigation into this matter.

All major news media are now reporting this story. This is real it is not from any right-wing conspiracy blogs but now reported by the main-stream media.

Form NPR

Earlier this month, documents revealed by Congressional investigators showed that under the Gunrunner operation the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives let high-powered weapons cross the U.S./Mexico border. The sting was supposed to trace weapons and lead to the prosecution of illegal drug sellers, but, as The Los Angeles Times reported, “three guns sold to suspects who were part of Project Gunrunner have since turned up at the scenes of the deaths of two U.S. agents — in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi and near the Mexican border in Arizona.”

ATF arms linked to attempted shoot down of helicopter.

In this non-embeddable Youtube Video Obama denies neither he nor Eric Holder authorized or even knew about the these operations. Obama was speaking to Univision but Obama’s denial is not credible. Either Obama and Eric Holder knew about it and did nothing or actually authorized it or they are completely incompetent.

DEA finds stash of weapons supplied by the ATF.



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Could Alaskans Elect a Convicted Felon?

‘There are strange things done in the midnight sun . . .’

The New York Times reports that Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens returned home to a hero’s welcome. Hundreds of supporters cheered while Stevens vowed to appeal his felony convictions and asked voters to re-elect him.

Top Republicans including John McCain and Sarah Palin have called for Stevens to resign.

Mr. Stevens made no reference to those demands on Wednesday, but he spent half of his eight-minute speech criticizing his conviction. He expressed regret but stopped short of apologizing, saying he had been guilty only of naïveté.

Naïveté? Not a word I would choose to describe Stevens.

He accused federal prosecutors of being “willing to do anything to win” and he implied that holding his trial in Washington added to its illegitimacy.

“If I had had a fair trial in Alaska, I would have been acquitted,” he said to cheers.

Yeah, from what we’ve seen so far about the way things are done in Alaska, I don’t doubt he would get a “fair” trial in Alaska. Clearly they do things a little differently in Alaska. Today on MSNBC, Stu Rothenberg of The Rothenberg Political Report was predicting senate races. But when asked whether Stevens could actually be re-elected, Stu said, “I do American politics — that means I don’t do Alaska.”

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate Republican leader, was quoted by a newspaper in his home state as saying that “there is a 100 percent certainty” that the senate would vote to expel Mr. Stevens should he win re-election and his appeals fail.

So it’s anybody’s guess, but I have a feeling we haven’t see the last of that mean Mr. Stevens. And haven’t we had our eyes opened to our independent neighbor in the north.

Photo credit: New York Times

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