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Note to Shit-Kicking Conservatives: We (U.S. & World) Are Moving on Without Your Tired Lame Bigoted Asses.

Each years CPAC showcases the steady, incremental march toward the obsolescence of conservatism. And while conservatives are by nature regressive and behind the times, as the brutal velocity of progress in science, communication, education et. al. increases, conservative ideas are more obsolete than ever. Traditional Conservatism is by all accounts, DEAD.

The Republican Party has become authoritarian out of necessity. Moderates are leaving the party in increasing numbers. Inter-party calls for sanity fall on deaf ears. Example: CPAC went for Birthers and extremists like Trump and Gomert over far right assholes like Chris Christy.

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13-Year-Old Trained Parrot New Darling of Republican Party

From Limbaugh to Palin to Joe the Plumber, back to Limbaugh, Micheal Steele, Bobby Jindal the Republican Party desperate.

13 year-old Jonathan Krohn is this weeks new face of conservatism.

As for his choices for president, Krohn talks, once more, like a seasoned vet. “I would love to see Newt Gingrich,” he said. “But it’s impossible to see him up there. I don’t see him doing it. I would love Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney as well.”

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