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WTF is wrong with these people?

I don’t often read news stories and immediately say “WTF is wrong with these people?” but for this one, I will make an exception:

Six people, all living in the same house, were arrested after police say they brutally tortured a roommate for hours.

Thomas Chapman, 41, had his lips stapled together, his ears stapled, staples put all over his chest, was cut from head to toe with a knife and a Dremel cutting tool, and was struck multiple times with blunt force objects including a crutch, keyboard, laptop and the butt-end of a shotgun slammed into his head, Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal said.

What in the name of all that is holy is wrong with these people?  Think about it – they’ve been wandering the streets of Salt Lake.  Holy crap.


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Carl Wimmer Throws Utah’s Hispanics Under The Bus

Sunday morning on KSL’s Sunday Edition, Utah State Republican Representative Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman said:

81 percent of the homicides, when you have a recorded ethnicity, are committed by Hispanics

It’s hard to know if Rookie Rep, Carl Wimmer really hates our Mexican friends or whether he is just pandering to Carl Wimmer voters. Remember, Carl Wimmer is the creative genius who cooked up the Patrick Henry Caucus (PHC) Billy Bob Road Show.

As an ex-cop and self-proclaimed Constitutional expert going as far back as 2009, Carl Wimmer knows well the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.”  Wimmer conveniently failed to mention that his 81% claim comes from ARRESTS, not convictions. That’s probably because he didn’t know. But hey, he BELIEVES!  Oh yeah, and his math sucks.

The Patrick Henry Caucus (PHC) Cinco TestoteronesGet Your Free Carl Wimmer Mustache Ride

Get Your Free Carl Wimmer Mustache Ride

Here’s the funniest part.  His so-called friends put him up to it…

I imagine it went something like this:


PHC Testerones Uno: “Hey Wimmster! Got a job for ya”

Carl Wimmer: “Anything for YOU Padre! Que pasa?”*

(A cool breeze tickles the ungrowable hairs between Carl’s nose and lips)

PHC Testerones Dos: “Anything?”

Carl Wimmer: “Hey, what’r Amigos for right?”

PHC Testerones Tres: “Remember that ‘waste of a vagina?'”

Carl Wimmer: “Forget it, Amigo. That ‘Lesbo’ scares the sombrero outta’ me.”

PHC Testerones Uno: “He’s kidding Carl.  This one’s easy.  Ya did so good scaring the b’Jesus outta’ the West Valley preggies, we need you go on KSL and scare the shit outta’ the Beaners.

Carl Wimmer: “Sho’ thang padróni ‘Herrodoni’. What’cha got?”

(A young light-skinned Latina intern hands him a piece of paper with a chart on it which. Distracted by her beauty, he fumbles and drops the paper on the floor)

Distracted by her beauty, the paper falls to the floor

Distracted by her beauty, the paper falls to the floor

Carl Wimmer: “What the butt plug is this Herrodeeee?”

PHC Testerones Uno: “We’ve done the math already.  Checked it twice even. You can take it to the Temple.  Just say, ’81 percent of the homicides, when you have a recorded ethnicity, are committed by Hispanics.’  And make sure you say ‘recorded ethnicity.’  That way, all the Bishops can defend the statement as technically correct if need be.”


End Notes:
5% of Utah State and County Prison population are Hispanic. Sutherland Institute: Illegal Immigration study

* Carl Wimmer feels very cool when he speaks Spanish.

* Disclaimer: Law Enforcement Deserve our full respect until they quit, get fired and or fail and decide to become Republican politicians in Utah.

* I am still mad at Carl Wimmer for taking away my right to free speech on his Facebook page for nothing more than politely challenging him on a few of the amazingly stupid things he says.

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More Gun Lobby Propaganda De-Bunked: Australia Gun Ban Truth or Fantasy?

The NRA together with its more gullible members present a propaganda force as effective as any in these times.

One of their favorite canards is the claim that the murder rate in Australia has gone up since a gun buyback program initiated in 1997.

This claim is not only unfounded based upon the only statistics available, but also irrelevant. Australia claims no constitutional right to own guns and the average Australian citizen has never owned a gun. As a result, it is impossible to correlate any increase or decrease in gun ownership to crime.

What IS true is that armed robberies dropped steadily from 1995 from 28.7% to 14% in 2000.

Of much greater concern to all of us is; how did we get to a point where we allow people to own guns who attempt to argue with a straight face that somehow a country which had 56 gun related murders in 2005, is in any way comparable to the US which over 11,000 gun related murders?

It seems to me these people have no shame
(its little wonder they won’t disclose their identities) and are extremely dangerous and should not be allowed to own guns.

Here’s my source.

Among our species are two types of people. One type is interested in validating group-think by an end result. The other is intellectually curious and more interested in objective, thoughtful examination.

The former unfortunately cannot be embarrassed by being proven wrong because for them, being wrong just means they didn’t try hard enough. They are tenacious even in defeat.

Someday, I will address the claim that England’s gun ban has been the cause of increased crime. But I’ll leave you with a preview. Crime has increased in England. But the claim that this is the result of gun bans is a difficult argument since there are many more powerful factors contributing to crime rates than the more passive influences related to deterrence.

Can any of our Alan Korwin loving, gun lobby freaks name ANY other factors that may influence crime? I won’t hold my breath (ouch).

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