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Love Him or Hate Him, Glenn Beck is the Most Powerful Man in the USA.

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Whether you love Glenn Beck or hate him there is no denying he has become the most powerful man in America. Glenn Beck has achieved what few ever do and that is to become the leader of a movement. A feat even politicians rarely achieve. What makes Glenn Beck so powerful is he has not just become a soundboard for conservatism but has activated one the most difficult constituencies to motivate and that is average Americans who mainly just live their lives working, and raising families.

The White House have obviously become distressed over the emergence of Glenn Beck, particularly over the President’s czars. Obama tried to do an end run over the Constitution by appointing special advisers that do not require Senate Approval. These advisers have received unprecedented power that is usually reserved for cabinet members. This has allowed Obama to bring the most extreme elements of our society into the White House unnoticed. How wrong they were. They did not realize Glenn Beck was waiting in the wings and, along with bloggers, do the vetting process that the administration, congress and even the “main-stream media” have refused to do.

We have already seen one czar, Van Jones, who was forced to resign after it was discovered he signed a petition in a “911 Truther” website, and other czars are now under intense pressure. Instead of sliding through unnoticed they have become the proverbial sore thumb. So much so that they are attempting to marginalize Fox News and Glenn Beck using the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” play book. The problem is liberal tactics have now become predictable because as George C Scott said in the movie Patton “Rommel you magnificent bastard, I read your book”.

No matter how hard they try to kick Fox News they are only kicking it upstairs, since the attacks on Fox News have only increased Fox’s and Beck’s ratings. The group co-founded by Van Jones ColorOfChange thought they had hit a home-run against Beck by getting some sponsors to stop advertising on his show but instead Beck is now the hottest thing on cable and ColorOfChange lost their guy in the White House. Something Mao admirer Anita Dunn should take note of. Memo to ColorOfChange, remember ACORN.

The administration is trying to make the case that this is all being orchestrated by the Republican Party and Fox News is doing their bidding. Frankly, I wouldn’t give the GOP that much credit.

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