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Will the Deseret News’ Spanish-language newspaper just encourage more illegals?

I’m asking the question so Congressman Jason Chavitz and state representative Mike Noel don’t have to.

The Deseret News has announced it has begun publishing a Spanish-language newspaper to serve Utah’s growing Spanish-speaking community which now represents about 20 percent of the state’s population.

El Observador is a Spanish-language newspaper launched by Deseret Management Corp. It will be published three times a week, with the weekend edition emphasizing features, family and entertainment. Initial circulation will be 10,000 home deliveries weekly, with another 15,000 copies distributed on racks and by hand delivery. . .

El Observador will be distributed Tuesdays, Thursdays and on weekends. Readers can pay $1.25 to subscribe for home delivery. Weekend editions are free, and will be distributed at Catholic churches and Hispanic social events.

At a time when newspapers in general are struggling to stay afloat, this is an interesting move on the part of the LDS Church. But despite my tongue-in-cheek headline above, I do think it’s a good thing. I expect we may hear some harsh criticisms from other quarters.

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Deseret Cartoon Smears Canard Like Seagull Shit

This one really peeves me. The surge did not work, and there are no credible, a-political, experts who believe it did. Not in terms of the originally stated-goals, nor in any other quantifiable terms.

The only surge that worked was a corporate-media conspiracy to smear that canard like seagull shit and leave it to dry, unchallenged in the main-stream media.

This cartoon is the perfect expression of the kind of so very tired Republican tactic that has produced our national living-nightmare and nearly destroyed the Republican party and any semblance of a two-party system (thanks to the epidemic spineless of congressional democrats).

In this case, another lie, declared by feat because its in the news and by our brave troops (self-proclaimed experts in Iraqi national culture), and by the banner…until Obama surrenders a war that “we” would have otherwise won.

So the Republicans will leave another Vietnam-sized scar on the American psyche by granting another generation of angry, ignorant, old WHITE men permission to repeat ad naseum; “we could have won that war but for the liberals.”

We can only imagine what “winning” might have looked like in Vietnam, or Iraq, or any of the hundreds of failed imperial adventures across time and the planet.

But we will never know, because there is one redeeming value in the American people. We eventually sober up and remember why we hate war.

Note: Richard Warnick has written extensively on this subject.



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