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Japan’s Natural Disaster is Veering Wildly Toward a Full Scale Nuclear Catastrophe

I agree with John Aravosis at Americablog – this situation sounds as if it is out of control at the moment.  This horror show is happening in an industrialized, wealthy nation.  And the natural disaster, bad enough already, is veering wildly toward a full scale nuclear catastrophe.

Most of the workers are being evacuated from the power plant.  People within 18 miles are being urged to stay indoors, stop using air conditioning.  The plant is spewing radiation.  And this:

It now seems that the nuclear fuel rods inside all three functioning reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex are melting, a senior government official said.

Massive earthquake.  Tsunami.  Thousands missing and probably dead. And just a couple nuclear reactors blowing up.

Click through to the MSNBC article to see some truly horrifying before and after images.

There’s video here the tsunami taken at the street level – at about 4:30 the houses start to move.  I’d like to be eloquent but in the face of such suffering and devastating, words fail.

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