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Economists Examine the Candidates

Two weeks ago we wrote about a survey of economists preference for our next President.

Criticism from he right-wing readers was predictable. Bias they screamed. “Economists are almost all academics” said one (RO). As if academics are liberal because they tend to be well-educated.

Now the prestigious Economists Magazine has done another survey in The Economist’s poll of economists: Examining the candidates.

…Still, even if we exclude respondents with a party identification, Mr Obama retains a strong edge”

But here is the larger point and one that transcends every policy issue.

A candidate’s economic expertise may matter rather less if he surrounds himself with clever advisers. Unfortunately for Mr McCain, 81% of all respondents reckon Mr Obama is more likely to do that; among unaffiliated respondents, 71% say so.

Republicanism has become an ideology that requires Republicans at every level to appoint advisors with a proven allegiance to an ideology — a corrupt ideology.

Obama, like Clinton, is more interested in good governance and as such consistently overlook party affiliation when choosing advisors.

This is why Democrats shall retain a powerful majority across government, local, state, and federal for years to come. As it should be.

Republicans have had eight years to show the American people, they have a role to play in the future of America. They don’t. They blew it.


Bob! Problem Solved!

Problem solved. We know longer need to explain WHY Democrats are better on economics than ‘pubs.’ We need only survey economists.

Oh looky, someone did, and the choice is clear.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
66% of Economists are Economists for Obama

This is according to a new survey of 523 economists who are U.S. citizens and members of the American Economic Association. See a Powerpoint with methodology and detailed results here.

Click here for our list of Obama economic advisers and prominent economists who support Obama.



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