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Transparency in Elections Isn’t an Option: It’s a Necessity

Primary elections are no different, and determine the outcome of a presidential election just as surely as the final election.

With Ron Paul taking the lead, and even John Huntsman moving up the roster in Iowa, things are going to be getting very interesting. The GOP won’t be able to blame “Chicago politics” if their guy doesn’t win and we know it’s not Paul or Huntsman they want.

In the following video, Americas top veteran of election fraud journalism, Brad Friedman, – who is rarely seen on left-leaning programs – gives the republicans quite a bit of food for thought.

But where did the anonymous video come from; anonymous anarchists or the GOP itself? If Ron Paul wins the primary, you’d better believe the anonymous video will be everywhere, all the time.

But, of course it’s not just the republicans who should pay attention to what Brad is saying here. Without basic protections of transparency and chain of custody, our elections are never going to be trusted except by those who refuse to see. In America today, that means just about everybody.

This is the first time I’ve heard a term given to the fact that before the machines started appearing, the exit polls matched the voting results without a hitch. “Red Shift” is a perfect analogy of what happened during the night in the 2004 presidential election and even before that.

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