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The Paranoid Style in American Politics

In the “Are you fucking kidding me?” file, we find today’s commentary from the house organ of the American Family Association. This woman didn’t invent the crazy, she has however perfected it.

This election long ago ceased to be a partisan battle between Republicans and Democrats. It really isn’t a contest over big and small government, higher or lower taxes, or even abortion and homosexual rights.

Somewhere along the way — while most of us were enjoying our precious freedoms, taking kids to soccer, ordering pizza and listening to our iPods — there was another group of people who were at work to destroy America. Even as they enjoyed with us its benefits, they schemed and planned and, moment by moment, inch by inch, gained a footing and we never realized the ground was shifting.

You could say the groundwork was laid in the ’50s when radicals who were often synonymous with communists made a concerted attempt to destroy America through infiltration of media, government, and labor unions . . . Hippies were often little more than clueless, spoiled brats dulled by drugs, but others were serious radicals who preyed upon trouble and agitated it with the stated purpose of revolution . . . The hate-filled factions of each, black and white, found each other and together nearly shipwrecked the country and undermined the Vietnam War. It was success for the rebellion in part…but not completely . . .

Once again they infiltrated Hollywood and news media, this time without consequence . . . For nearly four decades, while we were living our lives and enjoying our freedoms, they were working diligently to destroy them. And now their plans have found the perfect personification in the handsome and charismatic Senator Barack Obama. But while he seems to bring new inspiration, their philosophy is as old as time.

They know who their inspiration is: Saul Alinsky, the ’60s author and philosopher of the left who profoundly influenced Hillary Clinton, Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn and Barack and Michelle Obama. Alinksy stated clearly in the dedication of his famous treatise, Rules for Radicals:

To the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

The rebellion has found new strength. The attempted destruction of America has begun — and it is not a partisan fight.

1990s era Clinton Lunacy is going to look amateurish and cute by the time the wingnuts are done exorcising their demons during an Obama presidency.


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