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The Burn Returns: Michael Westen is Back July 10, USA Network

I spent five minutes surveying the FISA/Obama wreckage over at Daily Kos and knew I had to write up some good news. Get ready to be entertained, starting tomorrow night.

Burn NoticeSpies don’t get fired. They get burned. Why was Michael Westen burned? And what’s he gonna do about it? Imagine “Rockford Files” meets “MacGyver” in “Miami Vice.” If you don’t watch “Burn Notice” on USA Network you’re missing the best summer TV series. Check out the reviews.

The 11 episodes from Season 1 are online and on DVD. Season 2 starts Thursday, July 10, 11 pm (it will be re-run on Saturday afternoon). The new season will be split into two parts, with Episodes 1–9 airing in the summer, and the Episodes 10–16 in early 2009.

Series creator Matt Nix wrote all of the episodes. Jeffrey Donovan plays Michael Westen, backed by an ensemble cast that includes Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell(!), and Sharon Gless.

The show makes clever use of narration, a great blend of old-school, earnest noir and new-school, smart-ass sarcasm. “Know what it’s like being a spy?” Westen asks. “It’s like sitting in your dentist’s reception area 24 hours a day. You read magazines, sip coffee and every so often someone tries to kill you.”

Unlike other spy shows like “24” and “The Unit,” the laughs are intentional and the humor takes aim at big fat targets like the CIA, Homeland Security and the FBI. Westen’s life and back story add some sober notes, while his adventures as an unlicensed spy-for-hire keep the action going. “Burn Notice” doesn’t wobble around wondering how serious/silly to be. Its pitch is perfect.

“Bottom line? Until you figure out who burned you, you’re not going anywhere.”

Burn Notice

More info: “Burn Notice” website on USA Network.


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