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Education: The Global Warming Challenge

Many of the activists on Global Warming don’t believe that educating people about this crises works, that education won’t do any good for those who refuse to be educated. Or that people in Utah who are not on our side won’t be educate; or some variant of these.

What I see, however is that the best scientists and leaders of the movement are right now trying desperately to educate. James Hansen is one example. His lecture on Monday night at UNC, Chapel Hill is here.

Why I say education is needed, and we need it ourselves, is that the science and the data related to Global Warming (GW) and Climate Change (CC) are constantly changing.  The implications and likely results of what we are doing becomes more dire each week. If we want to ask for policy changes and personal changes because of GW & CC, it would seem that we should know the situation, at least have conversational knowledge of the topic, or we should know where to go to get the current best information. We probably need that at-hand if we are going to talk to those in our communities about it, deniers or not. So education and accurate communication is crucial when the situation gets more dire each week.

Much of the science is straightforward, much of the data is clear and simple. I don’t think that learning the science of GW & CC—at least to get to understand that catastrophe is soon approaching–is more difficult than learning how to drive. Yet, we learn driving because we see it as necessary to operate in our world. Because GW & CC is not yet seen as necessary to understand by many, perhaps most, does not mean that we can’t take the position that it is important for everyone to understand the basic science and data. Read the rest of this entry »

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Appeals Court ‘Emasculates’ Kane County Officials

OffroadingApparently the Kane County Commissioners have become eunuchs thanks to the Court of Appeals in Denver, at least according to the commission chairman. The court has ruled in favor of environmentalists who had sued over whether Kane County could reopen roads that were closed by the federal government.

. . it’s a huge blow to Kane County officials, who touched off the court battle six years ago by taking down federal road signs and putting up their own citing Revised Statute 2477, which they claim gives them an exception. Essentially the court ruled: If it’s federal land, federal law prevails. [snip]

“I’m mad as hell, John! You know, they’ve basically emasculated anybody in any county in the western United States on managing any road system,” said Dan Hulet, chairman of the Kane County Commission. “I think it solidifies the Sagebrush Rebellion, not just in the state of Utah, but throughout the West.”

Utah’s new governor Gary Herbert is sympathetic to the anti-environmentalists. From a 2007 LA Times story:

But Utah Lt. Gov. Gary R. Herbert said in an interview that the state had endured an “erosion of rights.”

“We’re not going to sit back anymore, we’re going to be proactive, we are going to protect our rights,” he said.

State Rep. Mike Noel, a Republican from the southern community of Kanab, said: It gets down to “sovereignty and autonomy. It’s Western independence. We own the water, we have the right to graze, the minerals are still available, and the roads belong to us. By dang, we are not going to give them up.”

Kane County is not taking this ruling lying down. There is a suggestion they may appeal to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, the law has been affirmed. And now we will see if these laws are as vigorously enforced as say, disrupting a mineral rights auction.

Photo credit: A driver defies the law in Recapture Canyon, Utah.

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