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Rampage Nation: The press no longer cares about epic gun violence

Thanks to our cripplingly useless media and the solid redneck core  (read 8 years of Bush) America has arrived at full insanity.  As more Americans are killed with guns, IS our answer, as a nation going to be — buy more (guns)?

Rampage Nation: The press no longer cares about epic gun violence

Although, as the Alabama massacre suggested, the press seems to have lost interest in the topic in recent years, I suspect most people are aware that gun violence remains an American epidemic, and one that has expanded well beyond urban areas. Nearly 30,000 Americans die each year from guns. (More than 1 million have died since 1960.) Another 70,000 are wounded annually. And gunshot wounds cripple our health-care system under the strain of nearly $2 billion in hospital costs each year.

Obviously, in a country where approximately 80 people die each day from guns,* the press can’t, and doesn’t, cover every killing. It doesn’t even try. But for years, there had been a general newsroom understanding that because of the unique circumstances surrounding killing sprees, where madmen loaded up with assault weapons and ammunition and set out to kill — to execute — often random and always innocent people, those events represented blockbuster stories. And that those stories also represented a large enough news hook that related topics, such as gun control, could be introduced into the coverage. Not in an activist way, but as an obvious topic of discussion and exploration.

But no longer. For much of the media, the killing sprees are what they are and nothing more. In fact, as the massacres seem to increase in frequency — Crandon, Wisconsin; Kirkwood, Missouri; Arvada, Colorado — the press gives them less attention and sets aside almost no time and space for introspection. It seems gun advocates have cowed the press corps. Read entire article.

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