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Homosexuality is Natural and Normal

By popular demand from this post.

Is homosexuality a choice, or is it natural? The very question is motivated by social and religious conservatives who simply cannot deal with it. Further exacerbated by media and politics, the homosexuality-is-a-choice crowd has produced an explosion of ‘armchair’ scientists not seen since The Church threw Galileo in prison.

Is it fair to point to the dearth of biological evidence for same sex preference?  Only since people started coming out of the closet has there been ANY real research surrounding sexual preference, gay or straight.

So lets all be straight if only for a moment.  There is no scientific correlation, genetic, statistical, social, behavioral, or otherwise that predicts heterosexuality.  Therefore, to simply insist that a significant, though minority variation (gay) within our species must be ‘learned’ is bad logic.

Think about it.  At the same moment science finally proves the biological origin for same-sex attraction,  so too will science, FOR THE FIRST TIME, have shown a biological predictor for heterosexuality.

Here’s what we do know. At least 450 species exhibit homosexual traits.  Some species can even CHANGE their sex. At least 1% of human babies are born with inconclusive gender.  A passing glance at the subject of human gender identity should be sufficient to conclude that all those gay kids coming out of good, red-blooded, American Mormon families has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘CHOICE.’

That said, my strong and probably correct conviction that homosexuality is a perfectly natural expression of human sexuality comes from my study of a radically unpopular subject known as social biology, or evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary psychology (Ev Psych) is the process of looking at human behavior and emotion through the lens of our zoology.  This book changed the way I understand myself and others.

Here’s a quick primer:

Darwinism posits that selection for reproductive advantage is the driver of adaptation. This includes behavior a well as physical traits. As politically incorrect as it may be, there is for example, a reproductive advantage for love.

Keep in mind, it takes 10,000 years for new evolutionary traits take hold in our species, therefore, humans today are pretty much as we were prior to civilization (the ancestral environment).  Please also understand, Ev Psych is just a starting point.  I am not suggesting we do not sometimes act in ways that contradict our instinct (free agency/enlightened behavior).

Among all mammals, women are disproportionally weaker than men and human children are born more prematurely (and helpless for years against predators including other men and older children). Therefore, the male parental investment to raise a human baby is the highest among mammals. Therefore kin selection must have been primary determinate of survival.  Since our reproductive adaptations evolved BEFORE we understood the direct connection between intercourse and babies, it is more likely that immediate family members of the mother played a critical role in the survival of all kin.  Sociological studies prove this is still true today. i.e I will defend my siblings, nieces and nephews (even if I don’t like them) before I will defend a friend or stranger.

Conclusion: Homosexuality is advantageous because homosexuals will care for their nieces and nephews.




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