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Utahn Distinguishes Himself Among Uber-Conservatives

The first line of The Nation article linked below reads, “…even the most rabidly right-wing media hosts had to prove their populist cred…”

That gave me pause to reflect on Paul Mero’s comment this morning, “…and if congressional lefties (and spineless Republicans) would allow the domestic production of oil and gas…”

If career right-wingers are now looking for ways to distance themselves from Bush and exhibit “populist credentials” by bashing big oil, then Paul Mero, by shilling for Haliburton, once again distinguishes himself from the pack (of uber-conservatives) by taking the higher road in an expression of unflinching loyalty our democratically elected authorities in the White House including Vice President Dick Cheney…even though he is not exactly part of the Executive branch.

Still, I think Paul should consider the possibility that the idea that more domestic drilling will lower gas prices might be a canard on the order of Iraq being the front-line of the War on Terror.

Disaster Capitalism: State of Extortion

Oil Price Shock: Give Us the Arctic or Never Drive Again

Iraq isn’t the only country in the midst of an oil-related stickup. The Bush Administration is busily using a related crisis–the soaring price of fuel–to revive its dream of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). And of drilling offshore. And in the rock-solid shale of the Green River Basin. “Congress must face a hard reality,” said George W. Bush on June 18. “Unless members are willing to accept gas prices at today’s painful levels–or even higher–our nation must produce more oil.”

This is the President as Extortionist in Chief, with gas nozzle pointed to the head of his hostage–which happens to be the entire country. Give me ANWR, or everyone has to spend their summer vacations in the backyard. A final stickup from the cowboy President.

Despite the Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less bumper stickers, drilling in ANWR would have little discernible impact on actual global oil supplies, as its advocates well know. The argument that it could nonetheless bring down oil prices is based not on hard economics but on market psychoanalysis: drilling would “send a message” to the oil traders that more oil is on the way, which would cause them to start betting down the price.

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