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The Nostalgia Trap

I’ve written about the ways in which many conservatives seem to yearn for yesteryear. This morning, historian Stephanie Coontz offered a fascinating and compelling article in the NY Times on the dangers of nostalgia:

In society at large, however, nostalgia can distort our understanding of the world in dangerous ways, making us needlessly negative about our current situation.[snip]

Happy memories also need to be put in context. I have interviewed many white people who have fond memories of their lives in the 1950s and early 1960s. The ones who never cross-examined those memories to get at the complexities were the ones most hostile to the civil rights and the women’s movements, which they saw as destroying the harmonious world they remembered.

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Why Aren’t American Women Angrier?

Given that the Republican party has been indulging in some of the most absurd antics imaginable and are actively pursuing policies that hurt women, I can’t figure out for the life of me why American women aren’t unbelievably, publicly, and undeniably angrier.

EJ Graf – pondering something similar – posted at The American Prospect:

My world has changed since I first came out in the Mesozoic era. Back then, I thought women were easily on the road to full equality, and could rest. Making it possible to introduce “my friend” without fear was far more exciting. That’s flipped. Now it feels as if I’ve won as a lesbian, but that as a woman, things have been utterly static and sometimes worse. Toy aisles are far more gendered than when I was young. There is less access to abortion than when I was young. The gendered wage gap has been effectively stagnant for about fifteen years. I could go on. I deeply hope that the ferment of the past months means, as Linda Hirshman suggests, that the women’s movement, that sleeping beauty, is reawakening.

Is there a point at which American are going to get fed up with a government that is too often actively hostile to their interests and needs, that allows men to pontificate about women’s lives and pass laws that affect women’s every day freedoms?  Are we at or past that tipping point?


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.69 Cents on the Dollar is a Meaningless Number

Women in Utah make, on average, $.69 for every dollar that their male counter parts. This, the wall of uncaring ignorance will tell you, is a meaningless number. This number is not adjusted for education. Not adjusted to take into consideration parenting or societal concerns. Not adjusted for culture. For employment, technology, job preference, and a host of other things. Stop comparing apples to oranges!

The problem is two fold: First, even when comparing similar to similar, the gap doesn’t go away. And second, making that comparison assumes that the reasons the larger raw score version of the gap is larger is due to reasons we can simply ignore. We can’t. The reasons for the gap are not something to be corrected for, but part of the problem.

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A Story in Pictures

Via Feministing, Feministe, Emily’s list, and many more….

Nothing more should need to be said.


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