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CNN: Still Pretty Much Sucking

At the gym the other night, CNN was all the TVs and the remote control was missing.

Yeah, they still suck.

They’ve replaced Larry King, a doddering lecher drooling witlessly over starlets and celebutantes, with Piers Morgan, a gormless, aggressive simpleton spouting inanities and drooling over starlets and celebutantes.

Right after that, they breathlessly reported – again – the death of Amy Winehouse. They can’t milk it the same way they did when they were all Michael Jackson all the time channel, but they’re doing their best. I know folks like Anderson Cooper, but he’s banal and dull, staring at the camera with his continual, slightly constipated expression.

Look, Fox sucks too (and for different reasons) but most of the time Fox offers what looks like news, as opposed to CNN’s pathetic parade celebrity worshippers. I yearn for a media that isn’t a mockery of journalism.

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