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Is Fox News Number One Because Most Americans Are Stupid? Maybe.

Fox News is number one in cable news. But what does that mean. I believe it reflects a very real fact about Americans; a SIGNIFICANT number of us are stupid. Australian Rupert Murdock knows it. Roger Ailes knows it, and I know it.

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Rocky Anderson on Dylan Ratigan Show

Dylan Ratigan Show (MSNBC) January 17, 2012

The media gauntlet against 3rd party candidates is nearly impenetrable. Of the many independent and 3rd party candidates who run for President every year, I remember only Ross Perot, Ralph Nader and maybe whats-his-name-Forbes getting ANY media coverage.

As the current two-party political system begins to deteriorate and things like Occupy Wall Street go from full media blackout to 24/7 coverage, it should surprise no one that Rocky’s bid for US President IS getting significant media attention.

So you can donate to Rocky’s campaign, but neither you NOR the Koch Brothers may contribute more than$100.

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Today! Rocky Anderson to Accept Justice Party Nomination for President of the United States



Whether you love him or haven’t missed him at all the last few years, nobody takes our withering press to task or keeps up on the pulse of the American dilemma like Rocky Anderson.

Rocky will accept the nomination of the Justice Party for U.S. President at the Olpin Theater on the U of  U campus today at 1:00pm. (Google Map)

Come see the Justice Party born here in your own back yard. Someday you’ll be able to say you were there.

If you can’t make it (on such short notice), please show some love with small donation.

Go Rocky!

Olpin Theatre (Google Map)
Oplin Union Building
200 South Central Campus Drive
SLC, Utah 84112

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Rocky Anderson vs Sean Hannity. Live Debate at University of Utah – Entire Show – Fox News

University of Utah, May 4, 2007. Two Hours. Moderated by Ken Verdoia.

Rocky laid out a bullet-proof prima-facie case for the impeachment of George W. Bush.

Hannity retreated into his hallmark pandering strategy refusing to address the facts in the case for impeachment of Bush. Not one word about Bush, the Constitution, illegal rendition, torture, wiretapping US citizens illegally, or the suspension of Habeas Corpus. Just personal attacks on Rocky as if labeling Rocky will somehow make the fact that Bush is impeachable go away.

Some still support Bush. They need to ask themselves:

Is your patriotism strong enough to hold a president you love accountable for his crimes and impeachable offenses? Or are you making an exception? Are you a full time American Patriot, or does it “depend?”

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Full Show Broadband (137mg) / Smaller Dial-up (37mg) version here
Play or download full high quality MP4 (525MG) here.

Thanks as always to Norm at OneGoodMove for providing this video.

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Disrespect of President by Fox News’ Brett Baier, Felt Racist

Fox disgusts me. Obama should have walked out. His adept handling of Baier reflected a lifetime of experience dealing with White folks who can’t muster an ounce of respect for a Black man of superior intelligence and authority.

Fox News’ Bret Baier interrupted President Obama so many times during Wednesday’s interview that Newsweek described the encounter as a “interrupt-a-thon.” – Huffington Post

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I remember eight long years of listening to Hannity, O’Reilly et. al. tell us how unpatriotic is to show disrespect for the President of the United States.

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White House Outfoxed.

Fox News, media, White House Press Pool, enemies list, Obama, Ken Bingham,

It’s not very often that I can give Kudos to the “main-stream media” but for this I must. The Obama administration, who has become increasing intolerant of criticism, tried to get Fox News excluded from the White House Press Pool. This after Mao admirer “communication czar” Anita Dunn, along with David Axelrod, and Rahm Emanuel claimed that Fox News is not a “real’ news organization. Anita Dunn even went as far as saying on CNN that fox isn’t real news like CNN.

Read story on Fox news.

If I were a news organization I would be embarrassed about getting the approval of any administration official no matter who is President. Apparently they were a little embarrassed and when the White House tried to get Fox News blacklisted it was simply the bridge too far. The water got just too heavy to carry and the tank got too full of you know what for the mainstream media to stand it any longer. In a rare show of journalistic solidarity all members of the White House Press Pool told the most thin skinned administration since Nixon they will not interview any further Obama officials if they exclude Fox News.

Does this mean the mainstream media will begin to honestly cover the Obama administration? probably not but it’s a good start.

With Obama it’s if you can’t say anything nice you can’t say anything at all.

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Media Dinosaurs

mainstream media, Ken Bingham, Liberal Media, Fox News, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, News, Media
I would like to ask how many people at had ever heard of the ACORN scandal, or ACORN for that matter, till I brought it up? This shows just how pathetic the so called “mainstream” media has become. It is why they are dying Dinosaurs while alternative media such as Fox News, blogs, talk radio and the international press are flourishing. It’s sad when you get more news from the foreign press than the so called free press of the United States.

The Constitution specifically enumerates Freedom of the Press because they are supposed to be the watchdogs of the government, not its cheerleaders. So much of the press have allowed the government and private interests, including big business, to dictate what it prints. The press should be wildly critical and skeptical and hold all politicians, special interests, and business’ feet to the fire. That is why the founders wanted a free press because they knew the dangers of a government controlled press.

There was a time when reporters worked hard to investigate a story to get the scoop. Now they simply regurgitate the faxes and press releases from the very organizations they are covering. If the mainstream media did their jobs the two heroes that posed as pimp and prostitute wouldn’t have had to because ACORN would have been exposed long ago by eager reporters.

Media scrutiny keeps honest people honest and keeps dishonest people at bay, while lack of scrutiny allows corruption to flourish. Corruption is what turns a first world country into a third world country.

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Right-Wing Going Off Deep End

Welcome to an America of your (Republicans) choosing.



Fox Knows How Stupid Their Viewers Are.

The Fox News Ethos Summarized In Thirty Seconds

A nearly unanimous vote for Obama unapologetically called a “split” on FOX



Just In Case You Weren’t Sure If Fox is Anything But A Tool of One Party

See if you can guess which one.

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Rocky Anderson HAMMERS Bill O’Reilly on The Factor

This is why we love Rocky. The contrast between Rocky and Bill was palatable. Bill seemed so small and helpless.

There does not need to be a demonstrable crime to impeach the president of the United States. Apparently Bill thinks there does.

I almost choked when Bill said in disagreement:

I think I know more than you do about American history and the Constitution.

Rocky of course was an ACLU legal eagle.

Andrew Napolitano,Rocky Anderson, Bill O’Rielly

Rocky says: Do you just have guests on your show so you can hear yourself talk? …You invite guests on to call them names?

After the segment, O’Reilly engaged Fox’s Senior Judicial Analyst, a thoroughly discredited (by the National Review nonetheless) former NJ State Judge, Andrew Napolitano for a little moral support after the spanking Rocky gave O’Reilly for his ignorance on the Constitution.

Here’s what Mitt Romney says about Rocky

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