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Hatred for the Kenyan Usurper Means Romney Can Get Away With Literally Anything


This is the most honest, well-written encapsulation of what we are experiencing in the election.

Completely wrong. Liar Mitt Romney Lying

Fresh lies from Romney, or the Republican Congress

Driftglass Writes: Don’t me wrong: I appreciate the careful documentation the Many Lies of Team Romney during this election season. But I look at those efforts less as the drafting of a bill of particulars against the GOP, and more like Josephus gathering up an armful of books from burning Jerusalem and documenting the great city’s demise from a perspective in the ruins.
Why? Because for the Conservative 47% of the active electorate, the day Willard sewed up the Republican primary was the day it stopped mattering to them what lies Willard shits down their throat. Willard has calculated (correctly) that their bottomless, mindless, berserk hatred for the Kenyan Usurper means he can get away with saying and doing literally anything and then completely reversing himself hours later. And so, unless he transforms himself into a Scary Democrat Negro (hence my graphic), he has the base locked down.

Willard has calculated (correctly) that the average “undecided” voter is an idiot who is barely aware that Barack Obama is President, much less who said what when. Lies? Truth? All the “undecided” knows for sure is that people on both side should stop being so mean!

Willard has calculated (correctly) that most of American media is a joke run by hacks with the moral compasses of Tijuana donkey show pimps, who are congenitally unable to call a liar a liar and who get paid on commission each time they say “Both Sides Do It” when a Republican shits the bed in public.

Random Conservative idiots with spluttering apoplexy

Pointing to each morning’s fresh lies from Team Romney, or the Republican Congress, or Boss Limbaugh and his legions of imitators, or random Conservative idiots with spluttering apoplexy, has become the the bread and butter of Liberal teevee, radio and print. And good on them (us) for providing that service.

It does, however, beg the question, “Who the Hell are they talking to?” Because there is no referee in this fight, kids.

There is no umpire, here: no impartial judge; no jury of 12 men good and true.

For us, the playing field will never be level and we must stop playing as if it were, because there is no cavalry coming to rescue us…but us.

And most importantly; remember that however long the odds or however discouraging a given day might be, we are a hardy and tenacious stock and our clear understanding of who we are and where we came from gives us a secret weapon that no movement based on a contempt for reality and a tissue of lies can match: the power to summon giants.

Address of John F. Kennedy upon Accepting the Liberal Party Nomination for President, New York, New York, September 14, 1960…

I am as guilty as the media is for investing too much energy pointing out the lies only to have them fall on deaf ears. The soaring level of hypocrisy, obvious as it is outrageous, among the righteous, morally superior, religious and/or otherwise just plain racists is sufficient evidence to anyone who is paying attention that morality is unilaterally customizable on an ad hoc basis for the pedestrian religious right (Republicans) in this country.

So I will no longer entertain moral arguments from religious Republicans. From now on, I shall withhold my otherwise generous respect and civility in discourse with these well-groomed, Bible-thumping cretins. For the first time in my life, I finally understand how entire nations stood by and watched and/or helped Hitler exterminate millions of innocent men, women and children without a shred of self-examination. They were merely Republicans by a different name.

One more thing:

Calls for civility, especially from some in the Mormon community deserve your contempt. They are a gratuitous demand we excuse the “Many Lies of Team Romney” we’ve see during this election season. The uncommon duplicity, distortion and noise coming from Republicans is as violent assault on our Democratic principles as the illegal Republican assault on our voting rights.

Civility is speaking out against this assault. Incivility is defending it.



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