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Conservatives Support Every “Hippie” Movement 20 Years Later

Posting this for your reference and pleasure. But especially those among my right-wing friends who are afraid of movements like OWS and who will criticize this movement as conservatives always do until years later.

Let us remind them that TODAY, they ALL SUPPORT: Emancipation, Poll Tax, Labor (generally), Civil Rights, Equal Rights, End the Vietnam War and the anti Iraq War Movement.  Tell them not to be afraid.

In every case, conservatives criticized these movement at the time.

This is an important part of our history. It is playing out again today with The Occupy Movement.  Now as then, every police action is met by ever larger numbers the greatest Americans, demanding our most cherished right to assemble and petition our government.

Berkeley in the Sixties (1990) is an award-winning documentary film by Mark Kitchell along with Susan Griffin and Stephen Most.

The film features Mario Savio, Todd Gitlin, Joan Baez, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Huey Newton, Allen Ginsberg, Gov. Ronald Reagan and the Grateful Dead. The documentary highlights the origins of the Free Speech Movement and the development of the counterculture of the 1960s in Berkeley, California.

In honor of Raphael Cordray (who has run the Free-Speech Zone in Salt Lake for as long as I’ve been here) and has been among the many brave and great occupiers of Pioneer Park.

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