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Cautious Centrism Hasn’t Worked – It’s Time for Fruitful Opposition

The Obama administration made a surprisingly simple miscalculation early on – they adopted a cautious centrism that was intended to alleviate the right’s fears, to hopefully limit the amount of opposition from those on the right.  Instead, the American right promptly leapt into teabagger mode – shrieking hysterics and demanding ideological purity.  In the face of a furious and unhinged right wing, the Obama team continued to pin their hopes on cautious centrism as a way forward.

Nicholas Kristof wrote:

President Obama came into office with expectations that Superman couldn’t have met. Many on the left believed what the right feared: that Obama was an old-fashioned liberal. But the president’s cautious centrism soured the left without reassuring the right.

Kristof is absolutely right but he seems to ignore that insight in an attempt to rally the left – he begins listing the President’s accomplishments and offering a chilling argument that is supposed to rally Democrats and liberals: Read the rest of this entry »

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