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3D Printing, the Next Battleground Over IP

3D Printing 03.

3D printing will be the next battleground over IP. This technology will change the world more profoundly than the Internet has thus far. Once the cost of the printers and materials for copying are down to consumer levels the applications will be limitless. Imagine printing car parts, clothing, any physical object? It will have applications we cannot even imagine right now. This is the precursor to a Star Trek like replicator.

Unlike the movie and music industries that failed to see the implications of the Internet and did not act until it was too late the manufacturing industries can already see this coming. They can either see the potential and enthusiastically embrace it or they can circle the wagons ala RIAA and try and sue the technology out of existence in its infancy and/or create laws that will make criminals out of anyone but industry using such a device.

This is why the copyright wars of today are critical to the future because they will set the stage for how things will be done in the future.

Once the genie is out of the bottle there is no turning back so the smart move will be for industries to adapt. Those that do will be the power companies of tomorrow and those that don’t will be left behind as they fight an endless and fruitless battle to put the genie back in the bottle which has always failed throughout history.

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