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Deseret News Desperate for Letters to The Editor


Rocky and pals are wrong

I have a message for Rocky Anderson and his loony leftist buddies: If President Bush were the dictator you think he is, you would be dead or worse. You still have the right to spout your liberal Bush-hating drivel. Other than airline passengers, no one has lost any rights in this country.

Garth Woolsey
West Bountiful

It’s not so much that Garth Woolsey is dead wrong (see ACLU), or that Garth Woolsey cares about the truth, its about all the uninformed idiots who read this crap and actually think its true just because its in the paper.

In the Deseret News’ defense, these are letter written by the public and represented as such, but that doesn’t justify printed something so patently false on its face.

If The Desnews wants or needs more thoughtful or interesting letters, they should consider raising the bar an inch or two.


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