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Heartwarming! Florida parent allowed to adopt his foster children

What’s special about this case is that a gay man who, together with his partner, had been raising two boys in foster care for four years, was denied the opportunity of adopting the boys and giving them a permanent, stable, safe, loving home. This, because of a law passed in 1977.

Florida apparently allows gay couples to be foster parents, but will not allow them to adopt.

This case will now be appealed so that a statewide determination can be made by the appellate court. For now, at least, a court has found that this gay couple provides the best most stable home for their foster sons.

Here at OneUtah, we’ve had some lively discussion about what type of family offers the best environment for raising children. I do hope our friend, Paul Mero, will return and perhaps discuss the the legal merits of this case.

And incidentally, whatever happened to Anita Bryant who made it her personal mission to get this anti-gay law passed? Her story might be a cautionary tale for the Mormon Church. A boycott of Florida orange juice which resulted from her anti-gay efforts caused her to lose her advertising contract with the Florida Citrus Commission. Her political activism eventually destroyed her career, her marriage ended in divorce, and she finally ended up bankrupt.

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