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Shinseki Vindicated

Today president-elect Barack Obama announced:

. . . retired Army Gen. Eric K. Shinseki as his nominee to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, bringing to his Cabinet a career military officer best known for running afoul of the Bush administration by questioning the Pentagon’s Iraq war strategy.

When Shinseki told us his honest estimation of the number of troops that would be needed in Iraq, he was fired retired. His boss Donald Rumsfeld, either was not smart enough to know the truth, or else he thought the American public couldn’t handle the truth, and Shinseki had to pay the price for honesty. Now Rumsfeld is history, and Shinseki is ready to help the hundreds of thousands of veterans who have served and continue to serve in Iraq.

One thing Obama can be sure of, Shinseki is willing to speak truth to power, consequences be damned.

And another thing, Shinseki trusts all of us to be able to handle the truth. Nice to be treated like grown-ups, isn’t it?



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